Various Prototypes & Designs while at Pandora


Richer media native mobile advertising. The goal was to create an experience within Pandora that doesn't feel like standard advertising. These ad products would appeal to higher paywall clients and engage the users differently than standard ads on Pandora. 

Internal Tools Redesign

UI redesign of Pandora's internal ad trafficking platform. Examples of the old UI can be seen below (PROPRIETARY REDESIGN, ADVANCED SEARCH). Some elements of UX we also redesigned to accommodate new actions and features. Over 300 employees use this platform to set ad campaigns live on Pandora. 

Unity Ads Redesign

Exploratory redesign of the Unity Ads experience. Reorganized elements and created new ones to improve the overall experience. Created intuitive features for invoicing (still done by printing and sending via mail) and more personal account information. The final slide is a complete overhaul idea for the experience. 

High Fidelity Wireframes

More examples of richer activity advertising within Pandora. These take an editorial approach for people interested in learning more about products before leaving Pandora. Various types of media can live in the hero spaces (video, audio, image) to create a unique ad experience. 

Conversion Data

This was a non-existent feature of Pandora's proprietary order management system called Slingshot. The goal was to create a way for planners to input CPA conversion data when new data was received. Planners would be required to fill out all conversion data before submitting total numbers at the end of the campaign. This was also a way to accurately log data and hold planners responsible for their campaign numbers.

Bulk Edit Workflow

There were a lot of UI/UX issues within this portion of Slingshot. Double scroll windows, various types of prompts, individual check boxes with form fields, etc. The goal was to combine all features in as few screens and clicks as possible. Below are the AFTER screens where all fields and selections were housed within a single page. The bottom part was able to be reused thus reducing the overhaul of a whole new feature. Using a combination of active form fields, drop downs, calendars, and more, the users have a complete experience on a single page with limited prompts. The dual prompts were requested by the team as a fail safe. 

Self-Service Ad Buying Experience V1

Version 1
This would allow for lower spend clients to set up their own account and advertise on Pandora without interacting with a sales representative. Many advertisers who haven't been able to buy ad space on Pandora could manage and choose their spends. These are polished mocks utilizing existing UI from Pandora's site.

Version 2

Proprietary Redesign

Two versions of redesigns to help reduce the amount of showing columns. The first showcases a standard tab system in a split scroll window (user familiar experience). The second uses a new accordion style menu for a more compact experience which can be expanded and collapsed.

Advanced Search

Termed "simple" or "smart" search because of the ability to select specific filters instead of knowing all keywords or commands for advanced searching within Slingshot. This was another feature completely new to Slingshot.