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Scout Contracts was initially a glorified project type within the platform. Since it wasn’t a true standalone product, customers wanted more control, flexibility, and power from what Scout Contracts had to offer. We had to be mindful of the many other contract solutions available and why customers would choose Scout over them. As a complete redesign, it would change not only how customers manage their contracts, but their entire Scout experience as well.

Scout Contracts has become the most popular add-on from Scout’s suite. It has accounted for approximately 25% of ARR since its release in October 2018 and continues to grow (as of August 2019). Customers have picked and switched to Scout Contracts over some of the most popular contract solutions.

Scout Contracts Product Page

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Scout RFP Launches Scout Contracts, a Simple, Effective Contracts and Obligations Management Platform for the Enterprise

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Scout Contracts: Finally, a Simple, Effective Contracts and Obligations Management System

We chose Scout Contracts because it is simple, flexible, and accessible to the entire business, and I can get a clear view into every statement of work and contract obligation across our suppliers.
— Stephen Caution, Vice President Of Business Development at JOANN Stores

New Scout Contracts Dashboard

Initially, to save time, we designed an MVP dashboard very similar to other ones in the product. To help set the product apart from the rest of Scout, we opted to do an entire overhaul of the dashboard experience. The new dashboard was the star of this project. The new patterns and navigation established here would set up what Scout would look like into the future.

Other major features included accurate table filtering, inline editing, and bulk updating.

Contract Customization & Details

Setting up and establishing how Scout Contracts works for you and your company is key. What Admins define in settings is what you will see in the Full Details page. The details page is based on all other project type pages, and it includes fields and sections specific only to contracts. This allows for a consistent and familiar experience for all project types in Scout.

DocuSign Integration

This was Scout’s first true integration! Customers constantly ask for integrations, and it wasn’t something we did at the time. This was a huge learning experience for everyone involved and Scout has since added more integrations. We had full control over the UI and could really make it our own. Again, this allowed for a seamless experience since we could use current design patterns for the panel.

Hierarchy & Relationship Tree

Another problem customers had when managing contracts was when and where certain contracts lived. Contracts are ever-changing and amended. Establishing hierarchy and a relationship tree for their contracts was a major up-sell and this was something lacking in other contract solutions. In the beginning we considered this a “nice to have,” but after many customer demos and meetings, we realized it was going to be a major part of Scout Contracts.


The most invaluable piece of a prototype is the States page. This is where you uncover things you missed during the design process and this makes the build go so much faster. States pages reduces the amount of questions from engineers and acts as a reference for our component library.

Since contracts and DocuSign rely heavily on attachments, we took this opportunity to redesign the attachments panel as well. We added drag and drop, better UI, file sizes, and a count of anything selected.

Whiteboard, Sketches, Notes

Most ideation was around the DocuSign and hierarchy aspects. There are other things included in this project like snoozing notifications and suggesting a supplier for a contract. Since we used the existing project framework we didn’t need to think through design and layout of the main details page.